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Katherine Kimel Lawyer

Dealing with estate litigation can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. At Kimel Law Group, we ensure that you get straightforward legal advice – without the frills.

We are committed to providing practical, caring, and cost-conscious advice tailored to each client.

— Katherine Kimel, Founder

From helping you make the right plans for your family’s future, to offering top-level estate litigation, Kimel Law Group works strategically to provide comprehensive and creative solutions to all of your estate needs and challenges.

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Estate Litigation

Legal disputes regarding estates and trusts often result in emotional and time-consuming litigation.

At Kimel Law Group, we work to resolve estate challenges in the most efficient, amicable and cost-effective way possible.

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Estate Planning

Helping clients structure their affairs is at the heart of the Kimel Law practice. From Will Drafting to Trust & Asset Protection, we are committed to Estate Planning that ensures our clients’ objectives are carried out in a tax-efficient and protected manner.

Elder Law

Protection against elder abuse and exploitation is a core part of the Kimel Law Group practice.

If you or a loved one is worried they are being taken advantage of, please reach out for authoritative advice.


In estate and trust disputes, there is often a web of complex issues, interests, and motivations.

With the help of Kimel Law Group, mediation can achieve resolutions without the stress, delays, and costs associated with formal litigation.